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Signing and Discounting Transactions

Signing and Discounting Transactions

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Thanks to these products, you can collect your export price before the due date by working with the country, amount, maturity, bank details etc., namely by making the structure of the process convenient and you don't have to use your bank credit limits. Let's make discounting for your documents.

  • ''Provide your documents, get your rate''

You can discount without recourse, without waiting for the due date of the letter of credit, prepaid, with or without credit and with the appropriate documents.

You can discount your policies with acceptance credit bank and you can get pre-financing.

  • ''When the due date confirmation is made, the price is in your account''

While your receivables are discounted which arise from the export transactions with the guarantee limit of the correspondent banks which have a credit limit in the banks, you provide a more healthy financing for your company balance sheet.