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Loans for Export Financing

Loans for Export Financing

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Bank Based Loans

These are the loans that are offered exclusively to the exporting companies with alternative maturity structures from the Bank's resources. In the context of the Capital Markets Circular, these loans, which are provided with the condition that the exports to be carried out within a certain period of time after the use of credit, have tax advantages as per the legislation. In accordance with the needs of the companies which export/will export, it is provided within the credit limits allocated in banks.

Turkish Eximbank Based Loans

Türk Eximbank supports exporters, export-oriented producers and entrepreneurs operating abroad with their short, medium-long term cash and non-cash loan programs. In addition, in order to encourage the sale of futures and increase its export volume and to facilitate the entry into new and target markets, it also insures the forward export receivables.

T.Eximbank Loan Types: 

  • Short-Term Export Loans
  • Featured Loans
  • Loans within the Scope of Foreign Exchange
  • Export Preparation Credits
  • Medium Term Long Term Working Capital and Investment Loans for Exports
  • European Investment Bank Loan
  • Export-oriented production Finance Loan
  • Loans for Free Zones

The banks are heavily mediated by Turkish Eximbank loans and the maturity structure, interest rates and loan types of these loans vary according to market conditions. The necessary information can be obtained from www.eximbank.gov.tr regarding the details of the loans, application principles and interest rates.