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Structured Trade and Commodity Finance

Structured Trade and Commodity Finance

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  • Foreign trade through transferable letters of credit,
    • In particular, in the structuring of complex foreign trade transactions, alternative supports may be offered at every stage of the transactions from pre-production to the end-user. Support and consultancy to ensure that the products with commodity-based commodity characteristics are accepted as collateral in banks and in return for financing;
    • Providing financing in return for the collateral of commodity products,
    • Financing with commodity pledges under CMA / SMA agreements,
    • Financing under the contract of YEDİEMİN,
    • Financing the payment to be made to the manufacturer or seller abroad,
    • Financing the stock or processing of raw materials or semi-finished goods,
    • Financing of the commodity to be sold to the domestic market or contracted
    • Financing with the pledge of goods stored for the purpose of issuance,
    • Financing of term receivables in forward sales.
    Let's work together with your projects by using alternative financing methods for the period from the supply phase of the commodity to the beginning of the cash return, let us evaluate your risks, and arrange the structure by discussing with various banks.