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About Us

Turan Akın About Us

Our company started its activities in 2019 in Adana to provide necessary consultancy, guidance and operation services on all types of payment and financing instruments including import / export credits and insurances to secure receivables, producing alternative, reliable and effective solutions in complex foreign trade transactions, providing result-oriented contacts with suppliers and buyers abroad, from the beginning of foreign trade transactions to the realization of payments

Our purpose

To increase the profitability rates by providing quality support and data to our customers while maintaining their commercial activities. The main purpose of our company is to ensure customer satisfaction by performing the requested services.

In our consultancy services, we produce solutions to enable our companies to produce effective and efficient policies in international markets. We conduct market research for companies that want to offer their products abroad and perform the whole export process with the customers. We are looking for the most suitable manufacturers for our companies that want to supply products from overseas markets and we provide turnkey solutions to the companies by performing the whole import process as a result of the agreement. In addition, we carry out activities for our companies to benefit from the support provided by the state.

In addition, it is at the center of our work to read the data that changes almost momentarily quickly and to provide accurate and reliable support to our customers by acting in line with these data.

As TuranAkın Foreign Trade and Consultancy, we always work to gather the ever-changing information and to ensure the satisfaction of our valued customers.

TuranAkın Foreign Trade and Consultancy is a company that follows and carries out innovations based on knowledge.